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Sun. August 22, 2021

The trails in the Biel / Magglingen / Chasseral region are little known and keep surprising.

Playful and sometimes technical, they lead over beautiful Jura meadows, through forests and untouched hills.

The program:

Sunday 8:30 a.m., meeting point at the Magglingen Bahn car park - valley station.

Day tour: Biel - Magglingen - Twannberg - Mont Sujet, Magglingen, Leubringen, Biel. The JURA TRAILFUN is also ideal for E-MTB riders!

Price per person 120.- including day tour, tips on driving technique, coffee and cake .

Not included: public transport, lunch.

Driving level 2-3 / fitness level 2 with a high proportion of trails and the opportunity to practice tight turns.

The number of participants is limited. (at least 8 max. 10).

I do without the exact tour dates (km & hm) in order to guarantee the greatest possible flexibility in planning the program.

Information and reservation at

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